What's going on right now?

Circolito is EVS host organisation. Naomi from Italy arrived in september 2013, she'll stay until after our summer camp in August. Here you can read her blog (mostly in English, some posts in Dutch!).

This is what she says about her EVS-experience.

"EVS(European Voluntary Service) is a voluntary experience that a person can live once in a life. If you choose this project, you can apply sending your CV and a motivational letter. Circolito will ask you to do a Skype-meeting and when they decide that you are the right volunteer, your adventure can begin.

You will receive an amount of pocket money per month, an accomodation for free, a medical insurance and, at the end of the project, a YOUTH PASS. It's a certificate, which recognize your participation and learning and it is a usefull document also for your future.

You have to be ready to help in this big circus' world. A Circolito's volunteer can be an assistent during the courses, can teach, can follow classes for his/her self, can do office work, can suggest an own project to do, can paint, can take photo's...

And last, but not least, you have to be ready for a busy, but fantastic experience!! "

New candidates are welcome to apply, for starting in September.